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Autumn may be the best light to shoot outdoors. The warm oranges, golds, and browns are my favorite when working on a photoshoot during this season.

This particular photoshoot was very special for me since I don’t shoot best friends very often. These girls have been friends since their teens. The beauties made my job 200% easier and fun with their bubbly and lively personalities.

Indeed one for the books and a whole lot of Pinterest Pinning 

Dresden is a perfect place to get married, heck to even just have a party it’s picturesque! One of my good friends had her post-wedding party in the beautiful Marcolinis Welt, with rolling hills, the view of the Elbe river, it is one of the most beautiful destinations to have a party, not to mention the FOOD! The night was filled with fun and festivities, just the way Filipinos party. I think some German’s were shocked with the surprise performances! But they partied alright. A night to remember. I’m so honored to have documented this special day for Lalaine & Olaf. Cheers everyone!

Every family gathering is special, what makes the Fleicher’s photoshoot extra special, is that the grandparents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. It’s wonderful to capture how their family has grown through the years. How do you get 8 active children to settle down? You can’t, I just had to play with them and hope that something good comes out of the photos. I was lucky to have an active bunch who were silly enough to do crazy things, even without being told! By far one of the best family photoshoots i’ve done so far!

What is#PulseEurope (Taken from http://pulseofeurope.eu/)
The Goal of #PulseofEurope is to gather as many people as possible in Europe, who stand for Europe, and are able to support pro- European forces after the elections. Thus we can form a human chain all across Europe connecting Germany, France,and the Netherlands.
1. Europe must not fail
If all of those to whom Europe is important or who also only profit therefrom do not become more active and vote in elections the European Union may implode in the near future. The upcoming elections in Holland, Franc, and Germany are of existential importance. Europe’s survival is at stake.
2. The threat to peace
The European Union was and is primarily a union to assure peace. Peace demands that Europe remains strong.
3. We are responsible
Every single one of us is responsible for the failure or success of our future. Nobody can wriggle out of this. To assume that things will continue to go well is very dangerous. Anyone who remains passive just strengthens anti-European forces. At this moment Europe needs absolutely everybody. All sections of society have the duty to oppose destructive and backward looking tendencies. Europe may not be divided.
4. Get up and vote
Let us make the European idea visible and audible. Give Europe-friendly parties your vote. We are convinced that the number of people who are positively disposed towards the European idea is much greater than that of the Anti-Europeans. We must, however,increase the volume and make our convictions heard. We wish to wake up the silent majority.
5. Basic rights and rule of law are inviolable
Individual freedom, justice and the rule of law must be preserved in all of Europe. Current law must be maintained in all spheres of life, also in the future. Independent courts must be permitted to continue carrying on their monitoring tasks. State activities may only continue on the basis of properly executed law making. In some parts of Europe,the freedom of the press is already being limited. This must be confronted.
6. European fundamental freedoms are not negotiable
Free movement of persons, goods, money-transfers and services – basic European freedoms – are historic achievements, which made a community out of national states. They ensure individual freedom and prosperity. A reduction in basic freedoms would have dramatic economic and personal consequences. Only by preserving the total of basic freedoms can the continued assurance of rights and duties be guaranteed. Special arrangements and exceptions may lead to an erosion of the whole.
7. Reforms are necessary
Europe must be preserved so that it can be further improved. The European idea must be better appreciated and understandable for the man in the street. It must start at the bottom and carried upwards. Europe should be fun again. Anyone who leaves cannot help to shape Europe.
8. Take mistrust seriously
The European Union is not self-serving. Its aim is to find solutions to problems, which are genuinely important to everybody. There must be definite focusing on the essential challenges of our time. Doubts about the European Union must be listened to and the causes of these must be studied, so that doubts can be changed into confidence.
9. Diversity and joint qualities
Diversity within Europe is fantastic. Helping preserve regional and national identities must be the Europeanprograme. There is so much that unites us Europeans. Diversity and joint qualities are not a contradiction, and nobody needs to decide between a regional, national and European identity.
10. We all can, and should be a part of it
Pulse of Europe is a social initiative to preserve Europe – beyond party or religion. Everyone who accepts the European idea can be part of this. The European pulse needs to be felt again.
Let’s be the Pulse of Europe!

April weather is a little unpredictable. The term April Fools apply here in Germany, the weather fools you, so you have to be ready! Claudia and Enrico braved the weather and had sun, rain, snow all in one day. Despite the crazy weather, their love made all things sunny and beautiful. All the best wishes to the newlyweds as they embark this unpredictable adventure with strength, love and happiness.


Jeminah Birkner Fotos & Film
Thank you to Luisa Birkner <3

This beautiful couple was married last June 25, 2016 at the breathtaking Burg in Spreewald. Such a beautiful wedding, i’m very honored to have captured heartfelt moments of Thomas and Josie. They’re my first friends here in Berlin and I’ve witnessed how God has orchestrated their union. With friends and family they celebrated with good food, wine, in nature and love, a weekend to remember forever. Herzlichen Glückwunsch an das neue Paar <3

This bubbly couple was so easy to work with. Josie and Thomas’ love for each other was the best accessory they had to have beautiful photos. Their smiles exude happiness and contentment. I wish you both a wonderful union. 🙂 Congratulations on your engagement & wedding.

Berlin, 2016

A beautiful winter wedding. It was -5 degrees and yet this couple kept their “cool”. Standing for photos in the cold despite the shivering, their love warmed the day. Congratulations Zyra and Roland!

Hübsch pronounced as (Hoobsh) is one of the major adjectives to describe these two. It means “courtly” during the old German times. Now Hübsch is a common German word for “beautiful” “stylish” “chic” etc. Full blog: http://www.jeminah.com/engagement-shoot-pierre-janine-2016/ When in Berlin: This beautiful couple was just amazing to photograph. Pierre is a blue eyed pure German and Janine is half Filipina-German. This sweet couple represents love personified. They look at each other with such passion even after many years together. It’s wonderful to capture!

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Published on Mar 6, 2015

Founded for the restoration of the rainforest of Mindanao.

Uploaded on Jan 2, 2012

“Isang Litrong Liwanag Super Heroes”

Directed by
Jeminah Ruth Ferrer

Produced by

Written by
Cloyd Winstanley

Cinematography by
MVP Digital Productions
Ronald Mastail
Jerson Galendez
Carla Guiterrez
Jayronne Alota
Producton Manager
Donie Galigao
Behind the scenes Photography
Noel “Sand trapz”
Volco Magbanua

Boy Bote: Maico Jovi Abao
Tara Tubig: Chara Lee Lacang
Vivi Vulcaseal: Maria Rosario Pineda
Chlorine: Stephen Flores
Iron: Aaron Kit Arcay

Kaptain Kuryente: Christian Varias
Flora Fluorescent: Adeva Jane Esparrago
BumbleBumbilya: Veronica Edmilao
Boy Posporo: David Jorey Alfaro
Jugens Francis Guinayon

Costume design
Eric Aceret
Stephen Flores
Aaron Kit Arcay
Ma. Rosario Pineda
Verinica Edmilao
Make up by Bhoyette Piloton

A child’s imagination can sometimes get out of hand. A lot of children today spend hours in front of the television and computer games. Will reality for them ever be the same? Or will they drown in imaginary thinking?

This is a short story about a boy who lived life like it was just a game. Because of his parents busy lifestyle in obtaining the “best” for him, he drowns himself with computer games to make time pass faster, and eventually mixes reality with imagination.

Bored with his old games Alon (protagonist) heads out to a toystore to buy more games, he discovers a magical interface (gadget), and realizes his life transformed into a game in itself. Alon has to get through different levels in order to finish the game. He discovers in the end that life has to happen the way it has to happen, he can only do so much, after the “unpause” button is pressed, people decide on their own how to act and react.
My film revolves around how I see “Life as a game”.
Everyone lives in their own game, each one of us have our own strategies in achieving what we want in life, It’s called the “GAME THEORY” . In this cut throat world of competition, its certain that, people come up with the best possible strategy on ways of acting and reacting to certain situations.
I also wanted to touch on the subject of people’s involvement and dependency on technology that, to some, it’s already become an obsession. We live in our own “caves” according to Plato and seldomly genuinely interact with other people.

Published on Oct 6, 2013

Experience the same flavors with a suprisingly new Mozzarella Cheese!

BFB is Located at

Corales St, Cagayan de Oro
The Ridges, Cebu City
JC Aquino Avenue, Butuan City

Published on Nov 16, 2012


An Music Video of the Talaandig and their first single! Please share and spread Philippine Culture and Music!

Produced by: Hineleban Foundation
Filmed & Edited by: Jeminah Ferrer
Music Production: Hit Productions

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Published on May 9, 2013

Greetings from Hineleban Foundation,

This year has been an outstanding year for the foundation as we have been able to launch our newest campaign called “SIP & REFOREST”. The concept is quite simple, for every coffee purchase from the foundation; we plant a tree for you.

Since the foundation buys the coffee beans directly from the growers, this eliminates the need for middlemen, giving them maximum profit.

You can help reforest the ranges of Mt. Kitanglad by supporting their livelihood. Every sip is a delight, Karen Lo Tsai, an official Q-Grader quoted it as “The best Arabica in the Philippines”


Hübsch pronounced as (Hoobsh) is one of the major adjectives to describe these two. It means “courtly” during the old German times. Now Hübsch is a common German word for “beautiful” “stylish” “chic” etc. Full blog: http://www.jeminah.com/engagement-shoot-pierre-janine-2016/ When in Berlin: This beautiful couple was just amazing to photograph. Pierre is a blue eyed pure German and Janine is half Filipina-German. This sweet couple represents love personified. They look at each other with such passion even after many years together. It’s wonderful to capture!

Published on Jan 25, 2013

Artist: Siri Svegler
Filmed & edited by: Jeminah Ferrer

Filmed in Berlin in an old church.
This was a fun shoot only, not the official video.
BTS by Isa Tabasuares

Published on Jan 17, 2013

Song by: Marcel Sticht
My Trip in Berlin while walking around with my favorite boy in the world.

Uploaded on Nov 20, 2011

It’s just a teaser. The full version….is longer hahahah

Credits to

Produced by: My Shelter Foundation (Isang Litrong Liwanag Project)
Shot by: Jeminah Ruth Ferrer MarKumar Subteniente Yañez
Directed by:
Jeminah Ruth Ferrer
MarKumar Subteniente Yañez
Allan Gevero


Carmelito Ayuhan
Raquim Tamulac
Ruben Argoncillo
Jerry Salaga
Grethel “Noy” Betita
Philip Aguhob

Thank you to
Mr. Lito Cabrera & Mrs Denvi Cabrera (NMPSA Firing Range for Venue and Facilities)
Mr. Elmer Francisco & Michelle Cabrera- Francisco hosting.
Daryl Montesa

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