Film Maker & Freelance Photographer

Jeminah Birkner born and raised in the Philippines is an Film Enthusiast and a Travel Blogger. Her love for scrapbooking has leveled up into a more modern way of communicating experiences, now her articles, photos and documentations share a bit of her everyday experiences & small time travels.

Currently living in Germany, she has found ways to further educate herself with culture, arts and social issues on a regular basis through continuously communicating and building relationships with people of different cultural backgrounds. Living in Berlin gave her a glimpse of how intercultural adaptiveness and cooperation is an important aspect towards achieving goals in the long run.

She’s happily married to her husband, Albrecht Birkner (www.albrechtbirkner.com) of Birq Design Studios (www.birq.de), a freelance designer based in Berlin. Together they provide company graphic design services such as; Logos, Posters, Book Designs, Product Design, Furniture Design, as well as consultation on company branding.


  • One Up (2009, College Thesis, Writer & Director)
  • Hineleban CSR Presentation (2010, Unifrutti Philippines CSR, Writer & Director, Editor)
  • A Litre of Light, Heroes (2011, My Shelter Foundation, Writer, Director)
  • Champ’s Where I’m From (2010, Champ Peralta MTV, Director & Editor)
  • Help Portrait CDO AVP (2010-2011, Volunteer Videographer, Editor & Cinematographer)
  • The coffee story – A short AVP on the process of coffee (2013, Cinematographer & Editor)
  • The Hineleban Foundation Coffee Sip and Reforest Campaign (2014, Cinematographer & Editor)


A.  My Shelter Foundation (A Liter of Light Project)

B.    University of the Philippines Marine Biological Society

C.    Hineleban Foundation

D.    Semilya sa Kinabuhi

E.    Ms. Kagayan, Cagayan de Oro

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