Champ Peralta MTV Where I’m From


CHAMP PERALTA – 6 years ago me and Jem Birkner sat down and talked a bout making a video for where I’m from produced by Jumbo De Belen and Joint Pow Chavez on the hook. Whats good to FlipMusic! The next day jem packed her gear and off to divisoria we go with Jimbo Alvarez Swen Martin A. Amolo Aaron Sharief Usman. Makes me smile that we made this video showing the beautiful people and the city of Cagayan de oro. 🙂 Everytime I watch this it makes me feel as if I’m just in divisoria going for some of that good ol jrj fried chicken or just hanging out a mandex while waiting for my bbq chicken livers. 🙂 This is the beautiful city of golden friendship. The city where I’m from. CGY ❤️

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