One Up. My UP Film Thesis


A child’s imagination can sometimes get out of hand. A lot of children today spend hours in front of the television and computer games. Will reality for them ever be the same? Or will they drown in imaginary thinking?

This is a short story about a boy who lived life like it was just a game. Because of his parents busy lifestyle in obtaining the “best” for him, he drowns himself with computer games to make time pass faster, and eventually mixes reality with imagination.

Bored with his old games Alon (protagonist) heads out to a toystore to buy more games, he discovers a magical interface (gadget), and realizes his life transformed into a game in itself. Alon has to get through different levels in order to finish the game. He discovers in the end that life has to happen the way it has to happen, he can only do so much, after the “unpause” button is pressed, people decide on their own how to act and react.
My film revolves around how I see “Life as a game”.
Everyone lives in their own game, each one of us have our own strategies in achieving what we want in life, It’s called the “GAME THEORY” . In this cut throat world of competition, its certain that, people come up with the best possible strategy on ways of acting and reacting to certain situations.
I also wanted to touch on the subject of people’s involvement and dependency on technology that, to some, it’s already become an obsession. We live in our own “caves” according to Plato and seldomly genuinely interact with other people.

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