The art of Marriage (A Tribute to the suppliers)


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Miracles happen, we’ve seen it happen countless times, in the state of impossibility, His GRACE is revealed. I finally found time to write these little anecdotes. During our wedding day we experienced God’s hand upon that whole event. I admit, I can be a very obsessive organized person. Combined with my genetically organized German husband, we’ve planned these wedding details to the last dot. September 20, 2014 was the first most important day of our lives, which we painstakingly planned months back long distance, via online emails, and Skype coordinations. As much as we envisioned a tropical beach wedding, most of it didn’t happen and He had his way, and His plans are always greater than ours…and I’m glad God took over. We just had to kick off our shoes, relax and enjoy the ride. Boy, did he provide angels in the form of wedding suppliers and friends… This one’s for you.

Relaxing after all the day tasks

Relaxing after all the day tasks

As I recall fragments of  that day, I can’t help but imagine what preparations the different suppliers go through as they jump from wedding to wedding handling the different demands, keeping up with their schedules, staying in budget and working on and after the event itself; day in and day out. Must go something like this:

It’s 4am in the morning, they hustle to prepare, gear check, SD cards, back up… “Do we have enough back up?”, “Prepare the cameras, make sure they’re all charged”…”wake up everyone time to shoot!”…

A day before, they hurdle the building equipment to the truck. Today, the florists and event stylists start building the stage, the photo booth, the wedding arch, props check, itemize the items, inventory of the cloth… “where are the flowers?”, “the flood is severe in Manila, the plane hasn’t left…” “What time will they arrive?”, “We’re not sure sir if the plane will make it”…

The make up artist cleans his brushes, he lays out his colors, checks his box, “are the highlighters all here? she has to look fresh, her organizer couldn’t make it… she hasn’t slept, it’s her wedding day”… “I have to cover those dark circles, this is once in a lifetime…”

“It has to fit, you have to keep your weight the same”… Sewing last minute touches while managing 15 other gowns of different brides. “This gown has to be perfect, ouch!”, he said, as the needle poked through his finger…said the Wedding gown designer.

The pans clink and clatter, preparation of the food has to be a day before, “we’re about to feed 100 people”, “I’ve chopped all the tomatoes ma’am…” Time check… “12am….”, “we have to start packing up the food to the truck, count all the spoons make sure everything is brought, it’s going to be a whole day celebration”… as the caterers start their day.

These are typical last minute checks suppliers go through before heading to a wedding. As I reminisce that special day, almost two years ago, I couldn’t help but have a sense of appreciation for the people who make weddings the way they are celebrated now. From tight budgets to deep pockets, all couples have expectations that reach the heavens  and above, despite all odds. The pressure is higher these days as the industry gets bigger and bigger, and we’re now exposed to more outputs though online photos and videos. Suddenly every bride wants a fairytale of their own. As I recall those sleepless nights, I can’t help but giggle a bit of how much pressure I put myself through, when in reality weddings are supposed to be a happy day, not a stressful one. I’m glad I snapped back to reality a few days before the wedding, I couldn’t afford to be Bridezilla and ruin everyone’s mood. I had to pray for strength, we had to pray for sanity, my husband was so amazing during these times, his calm and composure ensured me everything would turn out ok even if deep inside he knew a lot of things we’re falling apart. We had to get through this week alive.

Albi and I really chose to have our wedding as intimate as possible, cutting down that list to only 100 people was horrible. I remember playing mind tango with myself, I thought, “But she was there for me when I was alone”, “But he helped me through my thesis”, “His family was so nice to me, how can I invite just him?…” These were the qualifying questions we had to do as we cut down our list from 200 to 100. To budget every cent and consider that, after the wedding, we still had to live our normal lives. Cutting down was not such an easy task. The geographical challenge of coordinating 20 people coming from abroad and outside the Philippines was another task to painstakingly accomplish. From plane ticket coordination-to accommodating them during the week-and making travel plans after the wedding day. We had to hurdle in and work together on this. Hallelujah for the Internet.

As I look back at all the events that pointed to us choosing Bukidnon to be the destination of choice, I have now the amazing conclusion that from the very start, God meant it to be there. The earthquake in Bohol happened that year and it was far from possible to repair the damages of the resort on time which we originally planned. Boracay was an option, but the prices rocketed to the sky and all of a sudden, we realized we would be in the negative after that.

As every couple imagines their day, there are people behind who strive to make things happen. At most times, we plan our wedding days back and forth as couples, making sure all the details are ironed out. In my case, I had time charts, schedules and laid out alphabetical layouts of how I envisioned that day to be. OCD at it’s finest.

Sometimes fate twists these moments and you just have to let go and flow with it. During this day, you’re not just fulfilling the dreams you have as a couple, but you’re managing time, making sure the guests are enjoying, at the same time orchestrating events as it goes along. “Why didn’t you hire an organizer?”, some people asked me during my near meltdown, Well… unfortunately the organizer who promised to help out during the day couldn’t make it from Manila, neither could her team, I guess this was every girl’s nightmare during her wedding day. Months of work and coordination then suddenly, a no show, a broken commitment, my hand shook with stress. My heart broke trying to figure out how to manage all the things happening in that event while getting married in the process, the stress level was too much.

Certain events happen in weddings that you have no control of, in our case, even the flowers didn’t make it on time because the plane couldn’t take off from Manila. Through all these topsy turvy events I applaud the professionalism of those who were part of the event. My stylist Badz Castro had to do plan B and create something out of nothing, since there was no way the plane would arrive that morning, and our wedding was at 10 am. He drove almost 4 times from the venue to the airport to check if the plane arrived, that was 1.5 hours / way, back and forth.

Because we had no typical organizer, no one could really direct the Photographers where to go first, or which areas to shoot, we tried our best to pre-coordinate everyone and despite the lack of organization on the day, these professionals clawed their way blindly into everything with flying colors. When things don’t go as we’re used to, I guess instinct kicks in. And that’s how the documentors flowed through the day…they were amazing.

In moments like these,  God starts to work in mysterious ways, we realized the venue in Bukidnon was a fortress, an Eden and a valley of flowers, a creation John Perrine and his staff, envisioned and mapped out 30 years back that year. Something that didn’t dawn on me until everything screwed up with “our own plans”. God provided every decoration one could ever need, and it was on the tip of my nose. There were trees, mountains, flowers, birds and bees! Asking permission from our dear friends, who owned the place, Badz the florist, and his team, created the most beautiful set up which I could not imagine possible. Many miracles happened that day that people didn’t even notice went wrong because the day was just so magical. Rainclouds passing around the venue where you could see the division of the sky while it rained a few kilometers away from the venue. We witnessed how the food, prepared by Con Ignacio’s catering fit perfectly for the guests with enough to spare to feed the farm staff. God was working miracles left and right on our wedding day, he even sent eagles to fly around Mt. Kitanglad. Which was captured through the lens of my godfather, Noel Alipoyo.

Photo by Noel Alipoyo

The staff of the farm headed by Roxanne, Jasmine and Cella worked the logistics so wonderfully. Even my friend Felichi became an instant coordinator along with Renee Perrine who knew the place inside out. These were miracles that happen when you put God in charge of your life. The logistics of having your wedding in the mountain side 2 hours away from the city, could be a nightmare, it was not as smooth as we imagined it, but the miracle there was the fact that everyone had the best time! Tears well up when you remember these events, the people, the love and as well as the pain.

You could say I didn’t want a typical wedding, I wanted my family and closest friends to be there and that was what was important. We did have the wedding of our dreams, and it was captured beautifully by our friends from One Happy Story and MVP Digital Productions. Sometimes when you finally let go of things beyond your control you will witness the story real time and treasure the moments which you experienced without trying to make everything PERFECT.

There will never be perfect events, it becomes beautiful because of those imperfections. Our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who tailored this special day. The art of making a wedding possible is only possible through dedicated artists, craftsmen, logistical geniuses and loving friends. We could have not asked for more.

THE FLOWERS & SET UP by Events by Badz Castro

During our brainstorming, I asked Badz to keep the decorations pure and upcycled. We browsed through many different options ranging from drift wood, scrap wood, moss, recycled cans and jars. I wanted to be as low cost as possible with decorations. As much as possible use trash and used Items. These were amazingly put together by him and his team.

Wedding (4 of 112)

The magical altar of love. creating this was spur of the moment, the original design was supposed to be white and purple. But this was just as breathtaking!

Wedding (6 of 112)

Arrangement by Badz Castro Design Team, flowers from the farm… Impromptu decorations.

Ceremony 3 (901)

We haven’t slept for 24 hours at this point, but we still managed to smile. 🙂 Happiest florist!

Post Wedding (440)

Finally in the afternoon the real flowers arrived, they assembled it and we took some shots. The light was perfect!

Post Wedding (524)MJH_0135Post Wedding (538)Post Wedding (549)

Wedding (26 of 112)

Our Adorable Ring Carrier made from fresh moss and twine

Details - Ceremony (53) Arc Ceremony 2 (243)Wedding (9 of 112) Wedding (13 of 112) Wedding (11 of 112) Wedding (10 of 112) Wedding (22 of 112) Wedding (12 of 112)Wedding (107 of 112)Details - Reception (81)Ceremony 3 (328) Ceremony 3 (533)


Alain was amazing, he made me look human despite my 24 hour no sleep act, he groomed my husband too on the spot, so quick and precise. I asked him to keep everything loose, low key and natural, we originally planned to go for an updo, but instinctively he kept my hair down, since the place was so rustic. I was so happy I could be myself during that day. Thank you for making me feel great Alain. During that day the darling Kevin Abdala came to help as assist as well, thank you both.

Wedding (78 of 112)Jeminah2Bride Preparation 3 (76)Bride Preparation 3 (13)Jeminah

SECONDARY MAKE UP (Bridesmaids and Family) Alan Sajulga, Steph Balabat, Arvin Bantigue, Dandy Roa

These amazing guys took care of my friends and family. <3

Ceremony 2 (387) Ceremony 2 (386) Ceremony 3 (103) Ceremony 2 (364)


When Boogie and I were brainstorming, I envisioned a dress that would be multi functional. I asked him to help me design something that would be detached after the ceremony because I wanted to walk barefoot. Of course I didn’t but Boogie made me the perfect dress for this occasion, it was lovely in all levels, and after I could remove the skirt and go dancing.

Post Wedding (636) Post Wedding (384) MJH_0048 Ceremony 3 (899)


Wedding (61 of 112)

Cella Berrey for this amazing Salad and the Strawberries were from the Dacudao Farm of Tricia and Louie.

Wedding (79 of 112) Wedding (60 of 112) MJH_1019


Wedding (64 of 112) Wedding (63 of 112)


Wedding (32 of 112)



Ceremony 3 (723) Ceremony 2 (383) Ceremony 2 (103) Ceremony 2 (2)
MJH_0199 MJH_0841 MJH_0463 MJH_0936 MJH_0890 Post Wedding (275) Post Wedding (384) Post Wedding (484) Wedding (37 of 112)

Wedding (76 of 112)

This game was from our German family. It’s Tradition in Germany to go through the heart

Wedding (15 of 112) Wedding (72 of 112) Wedding (73 of 112) Wedding (75 of 112)


My uncle who’s Manila best. Love you tito 🙂

Wedding (111 of 112) Wedding (112 of 112)


Screenshot 2016-01-16 00.37.50

Wedding (55 of 112)


Pastor Carlos Antonio and Fr. Andreas Martin, your advices and words are kept in our hearts always. Thank you.

Wedding (38 of 112)



Giving credit where credit is due.

From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU!

1. Mom, Dad, Mutti & Paps. We love you, from the very beginning, thank you for being there for us. Joji, Eugenio, Angela, Michael) Our siblings, Luisa, Magnus, Antonia, Jairus, Jethro and Jannah.
2. Our God mothers and fathers for supporting us through prayer, love, advice & financial support. (Tita Renee, Tita Ann Grace, Tita Elaine, Tita Michele, Tita Maripi, Tita Chini, Tito John, Tito Sand, Kenneth, Tito Mon, Tito Mel Luz, Gene)
3. Our officiating Pastor Carlos, and Father Andreas thank you for enlightening us and encouraging us to ground our relationship with God’s word.

4. Our Suppliers

Organized by: Albi and Me (low budget) hahahaha

Decorations – Thank you so much Badz Castro & Team for not giving up despite the flood, airport challenges, your art is impeccable and your strength is admirable, WORLD CLASS decorations and bouquets.

Lights and Sounds – Loremar Lagrosas & JP Tatski thanks so much for lighting up and giving meaning to our wedding by amplifying our love through your amazing equipment.

Cake – Tita Awi Chaves thank you for giving me my simple naked cake, just how we like it, classic! Thanks also to Katrina, Kumar and Felichi for picking it up!

Website Coding Yassin Lawrence Paraiso Palileo​ of Zain Web Design 

Dress – Thanks Boogie Musni Rivera for fitting 4 times just to get the perfect fit, my Petunia dress was wonderful. Thank you dear!

Suit of the Groom – Thank you to Sebastian of Ben Sherman Germany for choosing the most handsome suit for my man

Hair & Makeup – Thank you Alain Adeva for making me look so polished and lovely for the day, it wasn’t obvious that everything was almost falling apart before the glorious day.

Nalla Yugo Sajulga & Team for making the Groom’s family look amazing.
Steph Balabat & Team for making my lovely bridesmaids all the more beautiful!

Kevin Abdala thank you for the impromptu styling and assistance I really appreciate you being there.

Tita Renee & Boom for being our impromptu day coordinators, thank you for saving me and allowing me to relax a bit.

Francine Tan & Kimshoppe for the bridesmaids accessories and boxes!

Roxann Mae Lerin Lugmay , Jaz Del Rosario Virtudazo & Nikko Binayao thank you for helping me get things in order in the farm.

Cella Berrey Thank you for cooking for all the service crew & making the wonderful garden salad.

Chiqui Tan Sabal & Legacy for printing our programs & Cards!

Joji’s Delights of Joji Ferrer for our mouth watering cinnamon peanut butter giveaways!

Perrine Farm Staff, thank you for lending me your muscles and strength to carry the tents in place and arranging the venue. Tita Renee and Tito John thank you for allowing us to celebrate with everyone there.

Concon Ignacio thank you for the never ending flow of food and mouth watering flavours, you kept our guests full for the day, thank you again!

One Happy Story Team for capturing such precious moments, thank you for immortalising time. Bon Aserios salamat, we thank you so much!

MVP Digital Team, Allan Allan Christopher Michael Alejandrino, Carla Gutierrez, Jerson Galendez, Angelo Alejandrino Salamat guys for Documenting the wedding day and allowing us to look back on the moments that kept things alive, thank you!

Maria Perrine, Caroline Perrine, Georgia Perrine, Claudia Aquino Perrine, Marc Schulze, Paul Perrine, Quincy Quinones Thanks guys for keeping the party spirit alive, you’re one of the best people I’ve ever met my entire life, I love your family and the extended family so much!

Ma’am Poi of Cocacola via Markumar Subteniente Yañez thank you for the soft Drinks! Also Maldo Beltran Cagampang for the awesome Bamboo Dispensers.

Thank you to Pastor Alan of Carmen Jewelry store for fixing my rings!

To all the drivers who drove for our guests, thank you so much, kuya Cesar salamat!

Ma’am Bing of Magnum Radio for organising the Van pick ups from Airport to Hotels all the way in Bukidnon. Thank you so much!

Pine Grove Lodge & Dahilayan Forest park for accommodating our guests, Niel, Maya, Lance & Janie Thank you so much for being amazing front desk staff Rina P Victorio Thanks ate Rina for allowing us to stay there.

Bukidnon Country Lodge & Tita Paula Perrine for accommodating Albi’s family for a whole week, what an amazing experience.

Team CDO Bugsay Rafting thank you for giving us the adventure with your water sport, so many people loved the experience.

Manolet DjPapi Santos for being such an awesome DJ during the party, such a beautiful night because of your music!

Antonia Birkner, Magnus Birkner, Luisa Birkner, Mutti, Jethro Emilio Santos Ferrer, Jai Ferrer, Opa Jannes, Paps, Elke, Evelyn Schöfl the night would have been dry without your expertise on program arrangement, thank you so much!

All our friends who came from far away places, Hamid, Adrian, Josie, Thomas, Saulo, Johanna, Frederico, Daniella and Johannes.

Felichi Aloyon, Precious Gaston, Jannah Ferrer, Angela Encanto, Maria Regina Ramas Mendezona, Pauline Cuenca Mendezona, Andrea Portugal, Amalia Misa all my girlfriends who helped organise the venue thank you!

To all our guests & friends who came, thank you for making this day so meaningful! Papa God you’re the best, thank you for letting the sun shine.

I Hope we Didn’t Forget anyone!


Albrecht and Jeminah


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