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On that beautiful Christmas Week, we decided to take a cultural walk along with the rest of the family. Meissen is a town of approximately 30,000 about 25 km northwest of Dresden on both banks of the Elbe river in the Free State of Saxony, in eastern Germany. It’s the town housing the most perfectly made porcelain figurines, they vary from intricate tea pot sets, to historical figurines, as well as little decoratives, so beautiful that it was designed for royals. These items are so rare and expensive that a tea set would be priced around EUR 1.000 – EUR 8.000. As lavish as it may sound, these pieces may be turned into an since value depreciation does not apply for such treasures. Marked with the blue crossed swords, it’s hard to replicate and sought out worldwide. The next two photos were taken online just to have a closer look on the precision of these porcelain items.

It’s home to a town that dates back more than a thousand years back.  We started off the day with a nice breakfast then started almost a one hour journey from the city of Leipzig. As you enter the town, a public parking space situated between the Elbe river and the road leading to the old town of Meissen.

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Magnus chilling by the pier

There we saw the beautiful Albrechtsburg Castle (1471) where it’s been standing for more than 150 years. It’s located high above the famous Elbe river, first castle in Germany to be built as a residence home. The castle was nicely laid out across the city, when climbed you can see the whole landscape of the town.

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Albrechtsdom Residence

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The town of Meissen situated by the Elbe River, a few KM from Dresden

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Do you see those creepy eyes?

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Walking the pathways of the old town remind you of a provincial scene in Beauty and the beast. You won’t find any big shopping stalls, rather the usual European small boutiques which house specialty items from pastries, clothing and accessories for everyday living. A walk around the town is much better than taking a car. It’s best to wear hiking shoes or sports shoes since most of the paths are still cobble, you wouldn’t want your beautiful heels to go through the cracks!

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Post men designs, details of the city

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Old Cobbled paths are still preserved up to this day

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Up the hilly path towards the castle area

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One of my favorite photos of a rose vine contrasted with one pink bloom

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The south east tower dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries, there lies a beautiful gothic designed cathedral (1260), small enough than you can explore its chambers in less than an hour. It’s majestic pillars extend almost 25 feet up. Both the Albrechtsburg as well as the cathedral, have been wonderfully restored and open to the public for tours and trips.

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My favorite part was looking out to the city and seeing the different sized rooftops, the rays of the sun casted a beautiful shade of orange and red through the Elbe’s waters reflecting the city in ripples. As I walked through the castle moats, passageways and bridges, I couldn’t help myself but be in awe of the beauty of design and purpose. Made me think of how heaven must be like. Golden streets, details of flora and fauna, precious stones and beautiful crafts.

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The day was wrapped up with a scrumptious dinner in one of the German cafe’s, after that long walk it was timely for a big Schnitzel!

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