The Striezelmarkt in Dresden, Germany


I was about to just publish this blog post about Christmas Markets in Germany, when we heard the sad news of a terrorist attack in Berlin last night. Our hearts are saddened and we pray that justice is served right away for the victims of this selfish act. I reflect on this event as well as all the other devastating events around the world and wonder, how do we fight this kind of evil? Do we go on living our lives scared and depressed, or do we fight evil with love. The continuation of life and loving your culture, thriving on beautiful experiences and sharing that love despite the bad things that happen every other day. There’s a thousand and one more reasons to be grateful and proud to be living in a beautiful world.

Don’t give evil a chance to survive, love people even more, spend time with family even more. Give hate no chance. For one terrorist there are 10,000 peace loving people. Don’t let a small percentage of people ruin your view of how beautiful life is.

A tribute to the beautiful traditions of Germany, Christmas Markets will be here to stay. This is just one of them, there are so many beautiful markets around Germany!

Blog Post:

One of our favorite things to do as a couple is climb hills and buildings. My husband and I appreciate sky lines, city scales and twinkling lights from above. There’s something about city views that keep us climbing for more. We crossed the Elbe bridge and found ourselves climbing some old winding steep street. We found a beautiful view after enjoying a scrumptious meal in the Schiller Garten by the river. Our little boy had his first view of ducks by the river bend. In a few months he’ll appreciate it more. For now it was blank stares at the birds, oh well.

dscf2630After which we drove a few more minutes towards the old city and walked around the famous Strizelmarkt. These Christmas Markets are a native culture to Germany. They’re one of the few countries in the world who celebrate such a beautiful tradition of handicrafts, artisan wood crafts, chocolate, jewelry etc. Here you will find wonderful trinkets, treasures and hand crafted gifts for your family. Many people around the world come over just to see the beautiful set up while enjoying a bratwurst and Glühwein. 

The Striezelmarkt in Dresden is one of Germany’s oldest documented Christmas markets. Founded as a one-day market in 1434, it celebrated its 580th anniversary in 2014. The annual market lasts throughout the Advent season until Christmas Eve.

If you ever find yourself in Germany for Christmas Season, don’t miss this Christmas Market!

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